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Many companies find that their company website attracts no or very few new customers. This is often accepted, although in every industry buyers consult search engines and other online places for suppliers and service providers. The reasons for poor performance vary but often stem from a lack in overall strategy.

Interactive media and pull communication call for marketing campaigns tailored to the interests, needs and desires of buyers. Reaching and convincing potential customers requires an e-channelling which works properly throughout the whole communication process.

Market and language specific knowledge is essential for attracting the right visitors online and convert them into buyers. Online Intelligence is specialized in German, Swiss and Austrian buyer markets. Based on English, French or Spanish web pages (other languages you can ask for) we create for you complete e-channeling in German language including SEO optimized landing pages placed on .de, .at and .ch TLDs, adjusted campaigns, specialized fan pages, banners, text ads, follow up campaigns etc. and in full compliance with German, Swiss and Austrian marketing law. We also master web programming in JavaScript, PHP, SQL etc. and APIs for FB, Twitter, PayPal, SSL etc. in case you need.

Using our Click&Serve« system you pick up future customers at specific places where they gather information, compare offers and make their buying decisions. For example, apart from asking Google your customers might be on social media platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, in news channels, sales platforms like Amazon, eBay or in niches like Switzerland┤s ricardo.ch.

By Click&Serve« prospects are repeatedly addressed so that their interest gets kindled. That way leads are easily and systematically turned into buyers of your product or service.

Click&Serve« e-channelling is based on clear marketing objectives operationalized and measured by carefully selected KPIs.

Using these KPIs you continuously control the results and optimize your marketing. As a result, your communication gets highly effective and your CPV (Cost Per Visit), CPI (Cost Per Interest), CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPO (Cost Per Order) and CPL (Cost Per Like) reduced.

Do you want KPIs to check your marketing communications for suitability?
Do you want a marketing strategy based on common consumer behavior and the specific needs and intentions of your buyers?
Do you want optimized online campaigns for Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube etc.?
Or are you seeking professional advice based on online marketing in Germany, Switzerland and Austria?

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